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At SAM Recruitment, we focus a lot on growth. We want things to go faster. We want more. 

But we don’t forget to focus on the world around us. We are happy to give back to society. For example, we donate an amount to a charitable foundation for each candidate we place.  

This is how it works. The professional, the company and our recruitment consultant are allowed to choose which charitable foundation we support and thus where that amount is spent. We donate to the following foundations: the Plastic Soup Foundation, Animal Rights and Doctors Without Borders. 

Our charitable foundations

  • Plastic Soup Foundation: The Plastic Soup Foundation is fighting one of the largest environmental disasters of our time: the plastic pollution of our oceans and seas. This pollution can be detrimental to our health and to the environment. The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to put an end to that by ensuring that no more plastic enters the sea. For more information, see: www.plasticsoupfoundation.org
  • Animal Rights: Animal Rights is a 100% animal rights organization and fights for a world where animals no longer have to suffer. Because every animal is an individual, with the right to well-being and the right to live in dignity. The organization stands up for animals living in captivity, like research animals. And for animals living in the wild in their natural habitat. For more information, see: www.animalrights.nl
  • Doctors Without Borders: Doctors Without Borders provides world-wide medical aid to the people that need it the most. From essential basic care to specialized care in a hospital to acute emergency aid following a natural disaster or in war zones. They also provide preventive care, including education and vaccinations. For more information, see: www.doctorswithoutborders.org